Project Description


Project Brief

For this project, I was contracted to build a comprehensive Innovative Marketplace for Farmers & OTOP Vendors. The call was to build a website that was visually appealing to the farmers emphasizing the growing trends in Aquaponics and Hydroponics. Being a “Farmer”-oriented business approach, yet include the virtues of modern-day technology, each image needed to be moving, and carry a complimentary color scheme. On top of aesthetics, the client also wanted to have the added functionality of an eCommerce store. For this, WooCommerce filled the bill. Finally, the client wanted to include informational videos. Adobe Premiere Pro to the rescue! The end result is a stunning WordPress website that exceeded client expectations!


Video Series

Website Screenshots

Skills Needed

This project required a combination of properly executed skills. First and foremost, a solid understanding of WordPress and Template CSS functionality. Hand-in-hand with development skills goes design skills. Without Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, this project would have been compromised.

PHP 22%
Multimedia 73%
ecommerce 30%
WordPress 87%

Initial Concept Planning

Initially, I was presented with a barrage of technical farmer’s growing jargon, along with instructions to merge the sensibilities of the common farmer with the latest technological growing trends. Yes… It was a handful and mouthful to absorb! What made matters more difficult was the existing digital content provided was all sub-par. Once we worked through the strange logistics, we were underway!

Drafts & Revisions

I submitted a round of rough drafts to my client for approval. After several back and forths, we were soon going in the same direction. Upon finally arriving at the same place, it was just a matter of building, designing and exchanging screenshots and video clips for final approval.

Final Delivery

This website was built on my local dev server. I set up remote access so my client could view progress every step of the way. Once the revisions were behind us and the final site was approved by my client, we signed off, I migrated the site up to his server and re-pointed the DNS in his direction!

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Strong Images

Visual appeal is sometimes just as important, if not more than functionality. End users can’t see functionality. Nevertheless, it needs to be there, and it needs to be solid. What the client sees is the Front End! As a Developer, I make sure the code achieves what it is written to do… Function properly. As a Designer, I make the Front End look GREAT!

Excellent Results

In the end, it all comes down to a happy client. This Fertility Website Project was great fun to build. It did not happen without some bumps and potholes along the way, but this is all part of the due process. The most important thing is that the end client was thrilled with the end result. You may feel free to contact the owner directly as a reference.